Geek-Art: An Anthology

Posted: September 08, 2015
Geek-Art: An Anthology
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They may not inspire and move every artist, but icons of the gaming, comic book, and cartoon worlds have touched enough of them in recent decades to create this 400+-page compilation of Geek-Art. The anthology consists of over 750 images painters, sculptors, designers, and illustrators have created with the likes of Mario as muse, Spidey as subject, and Vader as nude overclothed model. Nearly 100 artists from all over the world have contributed their interpretations of our heroes and most beloved faces of pop culture.

Each artist's name, bio, and website/contact information heads a full-color sampling of his or her work. The range of styles and mediums contained in Geek-Art is vast, but the anthology's purpose singular: to honor and celebrate the geekiness in the world, and the geekiness inside of us all.

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