F*ck Feelings

Posted: September 15, 2015
F*ck Feelings
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Don't worry, F*ck Feelings: One Shrink's Practical Advice for Managing All Life's Impossible Problems isn't a bait-and-switch. You know, one of those self-help books that claims it won't go all emo about how your mom / dad / boss / wife / husband / kid wounded you and how you need to manage and reconcile and get in touch with all the feelings you feel as a result, only to turn into that very kind of self-help book by the end of Chapter 1. No, Dr. Michael Bennett really believes people living in emotional distress or on a cloud of discontent should stop wasting their time figuring out how they feel about their problems and get to figuring out how to solve them. The Harvard-educated psychiatrist communicates these sentiments with the help of his daughter, Sarah Bennett. She's a comedy writer.

F*ck Feelings focuses on what the Bennetts consider life's true F words: "feelings" and "fairness". They say life isn't about fulfilling impossible dreams, changing situations out of your control, or getting what you (think you) deserve. It's about, uh, getting your head out of your ass, and living in reality.

Problems you will learn how to solve--or suck up and accept--through rational thinking and pragmatism include:

  • I need to stop screwing up.
  • My boss is an a-hole.
  • My dad is an a-hole.
  • Bullies are a-holes.
  • I think I might be ruining my kid.
  • I'M. SO. ANGRY!

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