Fart Dictionary

Posted: August 14, 2019
Fart Dictionary
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Sure, the Fart Dictionary is partly just another yuk, yuk, yuk book and novelty gift best used as a stocking stuffer or white elephant contribution. But after reading a few of author Scott Sorensen's well-worded and highly imaginative entries, I've decided it's also more than just another gag (figuratively and literally, given the topic) to be thumbed through and then tossed to collect dust on the bookshelf.

For example, regifting the Fart Dictionary's A to Zs once you've made it through, spreading and sharing its glorious and odious scents, is a great option. So is using the book as a desk reference to educate others, tossing a "Boomerang Fart: a fart emitted with certainty of wind speed and direction, but which has somehow returned to haunt you," into your PowerPoint presentation, or a "Bumblebee Fart: a fart that causes a sharp stinging sensation," into the thank you card to your Aunt Jan.

Part of what makes the Fart Dictionary such as toot is its fart names, which take gaspiration from topics ranging from politics, love, war, and Jane Austen to fashion, family, the Food Network, Mardi Gras, and vegetables. Obviously vegetables.

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