Epic Hikes of the World

Posted: June 25, 2020
Epic Hikes of the World
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Who doesn't like a good epic? The Odyssey. The Lord of the Rings. The Alpine Pass Route in Switzerland. Better grab your snowshoes for that last one. And your physical prowess, since there won't be any cozying up on the couch with a Kindle or a Netflix subscription to get the most out of an Epic Hikes of the World kind of epic.

Though I guess you can do those things to start, as you read through the stories and tips in Lonely Planet's guide to 50 of the most incredible hiking routes out there.

Epic Hikes of the World spans 30 countries, organized by continent, and each hike gets a first-person narrative of the experiences, along with photos, maps, and advice on trip planning. In addition to the big 5-0, Epic Hikes of the World also includes 150 more suggestions for not-quite-epic, but still worth your while jaunts.

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