Dirtbag Astrology: Sign-by-Sign No-Filter Cosmic Truths

Posted: July 29, 2022
Dirtbag Astrology: Sign-by-Sign No-Filter Cosmic Truths
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Dirtbag Astrology: Sign-by-Sign No-Filter Cosmic Truths is described as a "medium-spicy, cosmic truth bomb." Huh? Medium-spicy? What are we dealing with here, horoscopic hogwash or Thai food?

Given my opinions of the pseudoscience that heralds the signs of the zodiac, I for one wish it were Thai food.

And, no, I don't not like astrology just because everything I've ever read about my star sign and moon sign and birthday tells me I'm a moody, sullen basket case who will probably die alone.

Author Alberto Toribio, the self-described "Dirtbag Astrologer," astrology is an ancient art best applied to...hmmm...."getting laid, destroying your enemies, and improving your life." Maybe I spoke too soon about the Thai food.

In Dirtbag Astrology Toribio provides the down and, of course, the dirty of the 12 sun (aka star) signs, offending all readers in the process, yet also giving them the opportunity to relish trash talk about the soiled intellectual and emotional cores of their exes and in-laws.

If you're into the divinatory practice thing, but Dirtbag Astrology sounds too messy for you right now, might I recommend Astrosex: Have the Best Sex According to Your Star Sign instead.

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