Darth Vader and Son

Posted: February 26, 2013
Darth Vader and Son
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What if Darth Vader had been a good dad? Or even had just announced his paternity to Luke sometime before he got into that imminent death predicament? Darth Vader and Son not only speculates on this topic, but does so with minimal words and maximal full-color drawings, so we can all absorb the hilarity of the idea without having to comb through some geek's rambling tome about a possible alternate Star Wars reality.

If you thought raising kids as a lawyer/engineer/KPMG auditor in April/sporadically present baby daddy was tough, imagine how difficult it would be to find quality time, demonstrate patience, and feign interest in wee Luke's laughable lightsaber skills and cheap-looking Stormtrooper Halloween costume if you were the Dark Lord of the Sith. Darth Vader and Son awards readers a peek into the daily life of an evil man trying his hardest to give his irritating little brat of a future Jedi son a proper upbringing.

Life lessons in Jeffrey Brown's penetrating satire include: lightsaber batting practice ("Luke, stop swinging like a girl!); using the Force to raid the cookie jar (Oreyodas, anyone?); and Take Your Child to Work Day on the Death Star. A 64-page tale of what could have been, Darth Vader and Son might be the perfect bedtime read for parents, children, or any Star Wars fanatic from this galaxy or galaxies far, far away.

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