Battles Map by Map

Posted: October 10, 2023
Battles Map by Map
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Anyone you know love maps and conflict with equal gusto? Well look no further than Battles Map by Map as the perfect gift for your favorite warmongering cartophile! (Military and history buffs will probably dig it too.)

Battles Map by Map is part of DK Publishing's "luxurious" Map by Map series. This entry uses geography and lots of cool visuals to give readers insight into the world's most famous ancient, medieval, and modern melees. Its maps show what the likes of Rameses II, Napoleon, and Alexander the Great studied to plan their attacks, and DK's addition of annotations and charts depict how they played out. Timelines and text boxes further explain the battles' chronologies, events, and contextual information on weapons and technology used, and leaders and armies involved.

Battles Map by Map includes 80 maps of different combat missions, all printed in full-color, and some getting a sweet 2-page spread. Each battle begins with a narrative describing its roots and outcome, and in addition to the annotated maps, most also include reprints of pertinent paintings, photographs, historical maps, and / or objects to enhance the reader's experience. A foreword by broadcasting journalist and historian Peter Snow sets the stage for the launch of the Battles Map by Map attack.

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