An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

Posted: February 17, 2015
An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments
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Know what they say? If you're arguing with an idiot, make sure he isn't doing the same thing. Know who heeds that advice? Almost no one engaging in an argument on the Internet. But author Ali Almossawi has decided to retaliate against this ubiquitous irrationality that has overtaken online forums and comments sections.


With cartoon illustrations and furry little animals.

An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments attempts to show Internet discourse the error of its ways by reintroducing old-school, Aristotle-approved logic. And I guess by incorporating drawings and anecdotal comparisons, Almossawi hopes the ignorant jerks, pigheaded fools, and complete idiots dominating our Age of No Reason might actually be able to understand it. Bad Arguments identifies and explains our most common lines of poor reason, as well as why they fall short, and then calls upon some sweet and nonthreatening critters to provide examples of the faux pas in action. Some examples:

The Appeal to Ignorance: Rabbit thinks a strange light in the sky has got to be a UFO because no one has proven it isn't a UFO.

The Argument from Consequences: Lion refuses to believe that gas emissions harm the planet because if they did...that would suck for him.

So before firing ourselves up for another gun forum foray or battle in the YouTube comments section, Almossawi hopes we'll also think about arming ourselves with the insight, knowledge, and sweet pictures housed in An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments.

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