100 Side Hustles

Posted: April 17, 2020
100 Side Hustles
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Author Chris Guillebeau's 100 Side Hustles: Unexpected Ideas for Making Extra Money Without Quitting Your Day Job was released in June 2019. Come June 2020, a more fitting title might be 100 Hustles: Unexpected Ideas for Making Any Money Now That You No Longer Have a Day Job. I mean, not to be an Eeyore or anything....

In 100 Side Hustles Guillebeau amasses a cool century of his best ideas - and by "his best ideas" I mean other people's ideas that have brought them their own success - for launching businesses you can run even as you continue to grind it out at the career / gig / despised menial labor job that currently serves as your primary source of income. Some side hustles, such as becoming an urban tour guide or selling your sloth dough crafts on Etsy, might earn you just a little extra cash, but a lot of joy. Others, such as the Mommee Coffee brand for pregnant and breast-feeding moms, could end up hauling in $30,000 a month, and outshine the day job altogether.

In addition to anecdotes and case studies, 100 Side Hustles also uses its full-color spread to provide information on every important step of launching a small business, including identifying niche and needing markets, and creating unique products and services that stem from your passions.

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