The Walking Dead Monopoly

Posted: November 20, 2013
The Walking Dead Monopoly
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I don't know what you get when you pass Go--maybe another axe or Gator machete to add to your zombie defense arsenal--but I do know that when I play Monopoly: Walking Dead Survival Edition I'll have permanent dibs on the bucket of dismembered limbs playing piece, and will always--always!--ensure the fortification of Downtown Hotlanta belongs to me.

Infrastructure reinforcement and resource stockpiling over unabashed flaunting of wealth by way of buying real estate. That's the goal of The Walking Dead Monopoly. Players represented as Michonne's Katana, Rick's Hat, the RV, the telephone Rick used to talk to Lori, Negan's barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat Lucille, and the aforementioned bucket o' body parts must use the weapons and survival goods they collect to strengthen the stability and function of various locations and, in turn, extend their lives.

This Monopoly's currency has been replaced with supplies. Houses are now walls, hotels guard towers, and Boardwalk the Alexandria Safe Zone. Chance cards have become Scavenge cards and Community Chest cards Supply Chest cards. The po blowing the whistle and sending you straight to jail is still there. Punk.

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