Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure

Posted: May 31, 2014
Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure
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Whoa, the sixth scale collectible figure of Wolverine as portrayed by Hugh Jackman might look more like Hugh Jackman portraying Wolverine than Hugh Jackman himself. Head sculptor and painter Lee So Young and JC Hong should be given high-paying jobs designing RealDolls. I'll take the circa 1992 Cindy Crawford version, please.

A movie-accurate representation of Jackman in The Wolverine, Hot Toys' 12" tall action figure has over 30 points of articulation for battling the Silver Samurai and encroaching lap dogs. Five pairs of interchangeable palms include fists with both metal and bone claws, a pair of empty fists, a pair of relaxed palms, and a pair of palms designed to hold the included engraved metal Japanese sword and sheath.

Sixth scale Wolverine packages also come with 2 different trademark Logan styles. The first, his muscle-bulging fighting gear, is composed of a white tank, gray jeans, a belt, and brown boots. Brooding and covered up, Wolverine wears an entirely black ensemble consisting of a blazer, coat, shirt and tie, pants, belt, socks, and shoes.

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