Sushi Transformers

Posted: June 14, 2014
Sushi Transformers
$10.99 - $79.99
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Behold the Sushi Squadron Shirada, an army of raw fish and rice bound by seaweed and mayonnaise. Or is it? An army, sure. But are those soldiers really seafood-based or are they...yes. That's what I thought. More than meets the eye. Sushi Transformers!

If Autobots and Decepticons hid within the most toothsome of Japanese cuisine, the Sushi Squadron Shirada is what they'd look like Each warrior in this set of 8 changes from a Maki roll or piece of Nigiri into a fierce, weapon-wielding man of war primed to thwart looming chopsticks and dodge acid baths of wasabi and soy sauce. The collection also includes dishes that transform into vehicles and a rochambeau play system. Sushi pieces include 1 each of Toromaru, Ebisu, Tamago, Beni, Saiban, Tema Kids Kappa, Tema Kids Tekka, and Tema Kids Natto.

You can also buy transforming Japanese culinary masterpieces individually here.

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