Strong Arm Maneki-Neko Good Luck Cat

Posted: March 28, 2021
Strong Arm Maneki-Neko Good Luck Cat
$69.99 - $118.99
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What does this Maneki-Neko lucky cat statue with one extra-ripped arm - the waving arm, of course - say? Welcome to the gun show, of course. Either that or, Wait, I was supposed to take those injections in both arms? Or, I train with Rafael Nadal. Or, No luck? Maybe it's time to strong-arm the fates.

In addition to showing off the benefits of doing unilateral arm work on just one side, the Maneki-Neko Good Luck Cat also sports some cool cat shades and either a gold or white fur coat. Choose from 2 sizes, the smaller about 9.1" tall and the larger 12.6". Jacked bicep and forearm circumference are not listed, but grab one of these smart body measuring tapes and you can take 'roided-out Maneki-Neko's measurements yourself.

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