Scarface - Tony Montana Action Figure

Posted: February 25, 2012
Tony Montana Action Figure Closeup
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If Tony Montana--or Al Pacino himself--ever wanted a Mini-Me, this would be it. In fact, looking at the photo closeup, it's hard to tell action figure Scarface is indeed only an action figure, he's so expertly designed and crafted*. From the cocky stance up to the scowl lines framing his face, Tony is no less intimidating at 12" than he is at...uh, well...5'6". Pacino is small, yo. Know what else he is? Italian. Scarface, a larger-than-life Cuban American icon, played by, and immortalized for eternity as, a wee Guido. But unlike Tom Cruise and Time magazine, Al Pacino doesn't wear 5" lifts, or apologize for not being Latino. Because his ass as Tony Montana is bad enough to command our unconditional awe and worship no matter how tiny or non-ethnic it is.

Celebrate his likeness, and ownership of one of the most memorable roles in cinematic history, here with 36 points of articulation on a PVC and ABS body. The Tony Montana action figure comes with:

  • A gun and real leather shoulder holster
  • Two extra hands
  • Two golden necklaces
  • A white double-button suit, purple-red dress shirts, and belt
  • Brown shoes with magnets inside for leg attachment
  • A cigar
  • A, no the chair
  • A wooden base with a black metal plate for display

*Please give us due credit for not jumping all over the "little friend" jokes.

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