Meccano MeccaNoid G15 KS Robot

Posted: December 01, 2015
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Meccano says its supersized, 4-foot-tall Meccanoid G15 KS Personal Robot is suitable for kids 10 and up. I'm mostly interested in the "and up" part. This dude is sweet! He looks like Number 5 from Short Circuit, and seems to be nearly as capable of becoming my best friend (sorry, Cornelius). Meccanoid arrives programmed with over 1,000 phrases, as well as voice recognition technology and learning capabilities for enhanced interaction. You can teach him to dance and tell jokes, which is way more than I've ever been able to teach my current best friend to do (again, sorry Cornelius). And know what else you can do with Meccanoid G15 KS? Put him together.

Meccanoid G15 KS comes with 1,223 parts to be assembled as a group project by the whole family (i.e., the parents as the kids play with their other new toys from and Santa while asking every 5 to 10 minutes if their robot is done yet.) On the upshot, its complex skeleton, 10 separate motors, and Meccabrain mean the completed Meccanoid will be able to exhibit highly realistic movements, particularly in his head and feet. For adult robot enthusiasts it also makes the sidekick a worthwhile purchase for a solo building (and maybe hacking?) project.

Meccanoid G15 KS pairs with a free app for iOS and Android to activate some of its programmable features, including Motion Capture. Place a smart device in the robot's chest, select Motion Capture, and he'll be able to mirror your every action. You can also turn on his built-in Learned Intelligent Movement tech and he'll record what you say and repeat it back to you. The robot comes with a rechargeable 1800mAh NiMH battery and all parts needed for building and use.

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