Marvel Legends Interactive Deadpool's Head

Posted: July 09, 2020
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Two things stand out to me in the description provided for the Marvel Legends Deadpool's Head release: 1) "with over 600 SFX and phrases"; and 2) "Adult."

In other words, Deadpool's interactive, app-enhanced severed superhero dome is packed with nearly as much personality as his entire body, and none of it is suitable for people under 18. This is gonna be good.

Like a testicle with teeth good.

Though I don't think this Deadpool's mask comes off to reveal as much.

"Interactive" as it pertains to Deadpool's Head isn't restricted to quips, insightful musings, and insults either. Multiple built-in sensors and motors will also generate expressions and movement. And expressive movement. Oh boy, even disembodied Deadpool is going to slay as a prank hidden in my Aunt Jan's fiber supplements cupboard, or under the blankets on my side for She-Ra: Princess of Power to find in bed.

Actually, She-Ra would probably rather sleep with the head of a snarking Deadpool than the entirety of a snoring Dude, so maybe I'll skip that one.

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