LEGO Haunted House

Posted: August 31, 2012
LEGO Haunted House
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I find it somewhat difficult to believe that this is LEGO's first ever haunted house, but according to the man with the German or maybe Nordic or maybe Eastern European accent in the video, what lies before you is indeed the connective brick baron's inaugural foray into the residential resting places of ghouls, skeletons, and monsters under the bed. So if you're into LEGO (read: male, ages 4 to 57) and you're into the supernatural, check it: the spooky abode's crooked shutters, boarded-up windows, and grisly green exterior paint job open vertically to reveal the gory details of a possessed kitchen, office, bedroom, music room, and potion room.

LEGO minifigures include: a zombie chef to wrangle the boa constrictor cooking up on the kitchen stove; 2 glow-in-the-dark ghosts to increase the house's nighttime intrigue; a vampyre and his vampyre bride, because according to True Blood vampyres really like to get it on; and a butler, who I believe goes by the name of Mr. Belvedere. Additional haunted house flourishes:

  • Three interior stories of creeptastic shenanigans.
  • A lever hidden in the chimney that releases a drop-down staircase, with access to the top floor.
  • A gramophone, records, and newspaper LEGO elements.
  • New stickers to use in customizing the house with wall hangings, spider webs, and curtains.

LEGO's Haunted House set comes with 2,064 pieces and is recommended for ages 14+. It measures 15.4" high x 9.4" wide x 7.5" deep and will be available to order beginning September 1, 2012.

Muchas danke to werd.

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