KillKat Evil Wafers

Posted: March 26, 2019
KillKat Evil Wafers
$40 - $130
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Kit Kat monster twins? With googly eyes, sharky teeth, and legs?! Sounds like nom, nom, nom, only the other way around. They're called KillKats, and not just because they're Evil Wafers (in Demonic Possession!) Also because it's Killin' me, Kat, that Andrew Bell's excellent candy bar parody isn't edible. KillKats are vinyl figurines, "sweet and psycho conjoined candy stands" based on the artist's original sculpture.

Well, at least they'll look good on my desktop. Maybe I'll debut them on April Fool's Day, see how many co-workers try to break them off a piece of my KillKat bars.

KillKats come in regular size packs filled with a single 6" duo of Evil Wafers, and a new King Size edition whose Goliath pair stands 14.5" tall. Both have posable legs, and include the custom foil wrappers.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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