Breaking Bad Meth Lab

Posted: August 12, 2013
Breaking Bad Meth Lab
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Would LEGO ever produce and release a Breaking Bad Meth Lab? Probably not even if its CEO and Board of Directors were all required to inadvertently step on an errant brick once an hour, every hour of the day, every day for the rest of their lives. Would a company specializing in LEGO-esque bricks and sets ever seek to capitalize on the family-friendly magnate's PG prudeness, and produce and release a LEGO knockoff Breaking Bad Meth Lab? This is America, so...say it with me...fuck yeah!

On TV, the beginning of the end has arrived for everyone's favorite chem-teacher-turned-druglord, but that doesn't mean that Walter White need leave your living room forever as Season 5 concludes. Citizen Brick's Superlab Playset includes minifigs modeled after the great Heisenberg, plus his Tonto Jesse Pinkman and tasty fried chicken/tasty hard drug baron Gus Fring, ready to get cooking in a spectacular kitchen o' meth. Over 500 pieces of lab mainstays and details include vats, lockers, storage containers, scales, signage, and a security camera.

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