Anatomical Brick Man

Posted: September 17, 2019
Anatomical Brick Man

Hey, LEGO my funny bone! Put it back in my left arm! The anatomical Brick Man is part of Jason Freeny's popular Funny Anatomy series in his 4D brand. Here the designer toy maker takes a classic image, the LEGO minifigure, and splices it vertically. Familiar primary colors - yellow body, red shirt, blue pants - hold down the man's right half, while things get weird, science weird, Weird Science! on the left.

The Brick Man's transparent left half reveals his anatomical makeup, which is slightly disturbing, but more so cool and clever in idea and execution. Plus, we've already seen Freeny's anatomical Gummi Bears, Rubber Duckies, and Balloon Dogs, and similar split versions of superheroes such as Batman, so the image of beloved characters' insides shouldn't be that shocking anymore.

Like some of the others, the Brick Man Funny Anatomy design does come apart, with minifig shells separating for a more hands-on experience with the bones and organs inside. There are 16 pieces in total, and Brick Man stands about 5" tall.

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