3D Printed Articulating Octopus

Posted: February 27, 2021
3D Printed Articulating Octopus
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What is the 3D printed articulating octopus? Is it desktop decor? An action figure? A fidget toy? A therapy animal? Hey, I hope it's that last one for people - then the rest of us won't have to worry about at least one rando pet biting or peeing on us when we have to sit next to it on the airplane. Or pass it in the cart at the grocery store, as so adorably indicated by articulating octopus 3D printer, Abe Coyne, in the image gallery above.

Anyway, I suppose this palm-friendly Lil' Lolling-Leg Octopus is anything you want it to be.

And if you've seen the My Octopus Teacher documentary, that statement should make you just a Lil'-Lolling-Leg-Octopus bit uncomfortable.

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