25inch Inflatable You

Posted: December 19, 2017
25inch Inflatable You
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25inch is blow-up doll meets...your face. Is it cool or weird to own a 2-foot-tall inflatable replica of yourself? If you think cool, 25inch.me invites you to grab your favorite headshot and upload it for transformation into an adorable, air-filled you.

And if you think weird, 25inch.me invites you grab your favorite headshot of your friend Cornelius - maybe the one of him passed out with some meringue and a drawing of a special body part on his face - and upload it for transformation....

25inch.me inflatables are made in Italy, but ship worldwide, typically arriving 2 to 3 weeks after order placement. To score your likeness in a form ripe for batting through the crowd at the next show or festival, you'll go through a 3-step process on the 25inch.me website.

The headshot you choose to front your small self will need to fit specified size and quality requirements. After uploading it, you'll customize your 25inch from the neck down, choosing from mix-and-match selections of wardrobe, accessories, and tattoos. Processing then takes are 10 days, and delivery time 4 to 9 working days.

Your 25inch will arrive steamrolled as flat as Wile E. Coyote, but an inflation valve at the back will bring dimension and huggability to your lil' twin buddy in seconds.

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