Ural Dark Force - The Darth Vader Bike

Posted: December 02, 2015
Ural Dark Force - The Darth Vader Bike

Ural's Dark Side has...bench seating and a sidecar? A trunk? A max cruising speed of 70mph? The company, a US-based affiliate of Russia's Irbit MotorWorks, has just released the Dark Force motorcycle. It won't take you to the Death Star and probably can't maneuver like a TIE Fighter, but the bike does have a Vader blackout paint job and, yes, comes with a specially-mounted lightsaber.

No joke.

Ural's Dark Force is available as a limited edition of 25 bikes. Features include:

  • 41Hp (749cc), 2-cylinder engine
  • High-visibility LED headlight
  • Black ceramic coated exhaust with black engine
  • Enduro bench seat, with room for a 3rd passenger. (Hmmm, Vader and the kids, or Vader and the ladies?)
  • A sidecar for Chewbacca...wait. Why does Vader need a sidecar?
  • Ah. To store his standard life support helmet while he's wearing a DOT-approved one. Waterproof storage in a 2.9 cubic foot trunk has been built into the sidecar.
  • And, because it can't be said enough, a Dark Force lightsaber. Extendable to 3' and mounted to the sidecar.
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