Curtiss Zeus Electric Motorcycle

Posted: May 15, 2018
Curtiss Zeus Electric Motorcycle

Curtiss is calling their Zeus prototype "the world's first e-twin motorcycle." (As well as the very catchy "all electric hot rod god.") And when it debuts, Zeus will also likely be the Birmingham-based company's first release since their January 2018 rebranding from Confederate Motors to Curtiss Motorcycle, and their commitment to making only electric bikes for the rest of their bike-making days.

Though scarce details, aside from some dashing photos, are available about the Zeus e-twin at this point, according to Autoblog the bike will have a 14-kWh battery feeding a pair of high-output electric motors, and a single output shaft.

Zeus the electric is expected to unleash in a bolt of thunder sometime in 2020. You can sign up for Zeus updates on the Curtiss website - at printing, the company was promising bike specs and pricing information are coming soon.

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