Luchador Wrestling Windshield Wiper Tags

Posted: April 10, 2019
Luchador Wrestling Wiper Tags
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Give rain the flying elbow drop with this set of Lucha Libre Wrestler Windshield Wiper Tags. One mighty Luchador for your blade, one less fortunate Luchador for the area just below where the blade comes down. Even more clever than the Lightsaber Wiper Tag, and almost as beguiling as the one with Flexing Arnold.

The Original WiperTags makes their Luchador wrestlers double sided and reversible, both so everyone, in the car and out, can view the action, and so you'll be able to apply them to your rear wiper whether it's a left side-y or a right side-y.

WiperTags, Luchador and otherwise, are made with 100% UV-protected materials, and should weather aging, fading, cracking, and peeling far more gracefully than Hulk Hogan.

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