Driveway Turntables

Posted: August 01, 2021

To everything turn, turn, turn. And by "everything" I mean tight driveways, and by "turn, turn, turn" I mean up to 360 degrees into and out of them, courtesy of Driveway Turntables. A genius, no joke, no exaggeration, genius, Fletcher Capstan genius invention from Adavir Ltd, a specialized engineering company out of Galway, Ireland.

And I thought I couldn't love the Irish any more than I already did for their whiskey and accents.

Driveway Turntables are rotating platforms built into driveways for 2 major reasons. One, they make it much safer and easier for people living on major arterials, who typically have to back out of their driveway into traffic. With a Driveway Turntable, it's pull in head first when you come and then, when you go, a press of a button, a whir of a motor, a 180-degree turn, and voila. Pull out head first, with full view of oncoming vehicles, just as easily.

Two, Driveway Turntables are a great solution for cars you need to maneuver in and out of tight spots, such as, for example, every new piece of townhouse construction being built with a frikkin' row of garages in the back and a common driveway so narrow you need 5 alternations between Drive and Reverse and 27 little turns of the wheel to get your car parked or onto the street. Same goes for any other garage or outdoor parking spot that's tight to get into. Just stop your car wherever you want on the Driveway Turntable pad, and let it spin you into the perfect position for pulling in or out.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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