Super Bright Tactical Flashlight Wristwatch

Posted: January 01, 2018
Super Bright Tactical Flashlight Wrist Watch
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It's no Rolex watch, but wearing this chunk of light and time on your wrist could prove to be even more valuable in the long run. The digital watch has built-in CREE LEDs that won't just illuminate your display, but also the path 150 feet in front of you. It's a tactical timepiece to suit all your tactical missions after dark.

Beer runs.

Hunts for lost keys.

Finding the cat and getting him to come back inside.

The flashlight wristwatch outputs up to 200 lumens of light in 4 different operation modes: Low; High; Fast Strobe; and SOS. Its rechargeable battery can shine continuously for an hour in High and 5 hours in Low mode.

The flashlight watch case is waterproof, and also includes a compass at the base of its adjustable nylon wristband.

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