Steampunk Sundial & Compass Watch

Posted: February 15, 2018
Steampunk Sundial & Compass Watch
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Not a sundial and compass themed or styled wristwatch, but a wristwatch with an actual built-in sundial and compass. And none of those fancy analog or digital gears, movements, batteries, or Arabic numerals to help you cheat while using it.

At night and on cloudy days, the sundial and compass watch is more a wearable piece of art for steampunk enthusiasts than a useful timepiece. And even at 1 p.m. on a bright and sunny one, I'm not sure this issue is going to give you much precision or accuracy. On the back of the watch case are directions for use and an Equation Table for determining the precise time - even if you get your sundial's triangular gnomon set up to cast a shadow it's going to depict "solar or apparent" time, which needs adjustment to reflect equal or mean time.

When you're not using (or trying and failing to use) the sundial, its pointy gnomon folds down so you don't hook yourself on stuff or heh, heh clock yourself with it.

The watch is made of steampunk-friendly brass with a leather strap. Clock face diameter is 2".

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