Sequent SolarCharger - Solar-Charging Smartwatch

Posted: June 29, 2022
Sequent SolarCharger - Solar-Charging Smartwatch
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A smartwatch you need charge only by...doing smartwatch-y things with it? Sequent's SolarCharger Smartwatch is a timepiece that also monitors your activity, sleep, and heart rate, and can potentially do it all in perpetuity without ever plugging in to recharge. I mean, presuming you emerge from your mama's basement every now and then, since the SolarCharger draws its power from the sun, and stores it inside, according to Sequent, the largest solar panel ever made for a hybrid smartwatch.

Sequent has built their SolarCharger solar panel to fit behind, and cover the entire surface area of, the smartwatch's sapphire dial. This gives it maximal space to harvest energy, and near constant exposure to outdoor or indoor light. According to Sequent, "The SolarCharger provides virtually infinite power autonomy, as long as there is sunlight or a source of light."

Specific data they've collected on the watch's charging and performance includes: from fully charged, can hold a charge in stand-by mode for up to 24 months; can maintain Activity mode for up to 12 months; and can maintain Activity + Heart Rate modes for up to 2 months. Those timeframes become infinite with regular light exposure. Stand-by mode recharging requires just 1 hour per week of sunlight, Activity 1 hour per day, and Activity + Heart Rate 5 hours per day.

Learn more about the SolarCharger, and pledge for one of Sequent's forthcoming solar-charging smartwatches, on Kickstarter through July 21, 2022.

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