QLOCKTWO Watch - Time in Words

Posted: March 31, 2012
QLOCKTWO Watch - Time in Words
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QLOCKTWO may be the key to ending the millennia-long battle between numbers geeks and word nerds. It unites the two in timepieces that spell out, letter by letter, the hours and minutes of the day. German designers Biegert & Funk have been producing elegant, award-winning wall and desk clocks for the past few years, but this fall, they are introducing their first wrist watch based on the same bewitching aesthetic, the QLOCKTWO W.

The QLOCKTWO watch is a 1.4" x 1.4" square with a grid of 110 letters. When wearers call upon the time genie by pressing its stainless steel button, the appropriate words light up in ever-shifting locations to wax poetic on the dewy morn, lazy afternoon, or moonbathed night. Watches will have a slim profile at just over 1/4", and be available in natural brushed stainless steel and black casing colors, as well as black leather or natural rubber straps. Light features are LED-driven.

Note: Check out the video above to see how the QLOCKTWO wall and desk clock technology was created. Then mentally mini-me it to get a sense of what went in to developing the wrist watch version.

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