Odin Wooden Watch

Posted: February 20, 2023
Odin Wooden Watch
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The only Odin I know much about also goes by the name "Mr. Wednesday," and had the honor of being played by Ian McShane...and then the dishonor of being run into the ground by poor writing and producing on American Gods. So I have a pretty bad taste in my mouth about Odin. No, had. Right up until I saw this Odin Wooden Watch.

Wow. What a tribute. One certainly worthy of a god.

Nordic Forces hand-carves the Odin Wooden Watch from bog oak and walnut burl wood, fitting the finished face and band with a Japanese quartz movement and protective sapphire glass. Joining Odin in the carving are Huginn and Muninn, ravens who, in Norse mythology, fly all over Midgard and collect information to bring back to their god.

By request, Nordic Forces can personalize Odin Wooden Watches with your choice of name or message engraving, making the timepieces even better gifts for men who are into Norse, viking, or Celtic style.

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