O-BOY Satellite Rescue Watch

Posted: February 06, 2022
O-BOY Satellite Rescue Watch
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Oh boy, time for an adventure! ... O-BOY, that turned into Mordor quickly. Send your satellite signal, share my GPS coordinates, and come get me, please, oh trusty rescue watch.

The O-BOY Watch is a forthcoming timepiece for outdoor enthusiasts that uses a private satellite constellation to send custom messages, SOS signals, and track points. It differs from similar devices currently available because it isn't limited to cellular network coverage areas. O-BOY's private satellite network can send / receive signals independently from local carriers, and anywhere in the world, regardless of how remote. Middle of the ocean. Middle of the desert. Middle of the forest...you get the picture.

O-BOY does require payment for its services, in addition to the initial purchase of the watch itself. However, they have a pay-per-play model, and 3 different types of services, which you can mix and match, and configure through the O-BOY app. You'll pay for them only when you're using them - it's not a monthly / ongoing subscription. The service options are:

  • Get Me - A location tracking service that sends a custom message and your GPS coordinates to 3 preset contacts. Deemed "for those with a tendency to get off path or lose track of time," which is a nice way of saying people with zero sense of direction and orienteering skills and/or those who hike while high.
  • Rescue Me - Activates an SOS signal towards local emergency and rescue services.
  • Track Me - Shares your location at preset intervals to a selection of your contacts, and records live progress. This service is aimed towards longer outdoor adventures (i.e., hiking the Pacific Crest trail) or those who need regular monitoring.

Learn more about the O-BOY Satellite Rescue Watch through its Kickstarter campaign, and pledge for one of your own through February 27, 2022.

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