Nyx IN16 Nixie Tube Watch

Posted: May 22, 2022
Nyx IN16 Nixie Tube Watch
$369 - $379
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Nyx describes their IN16 Nixie Tube Watch as a "retro-looking futuristic...trend that never fades." Having been at my Dudely duties now for 10 years, I have to say, I completely agree. What is it about these Cold-War-era ion tubes that enamors people so? And not just 1950s nostalgics or niche culture steampunk fans - I've nixie tubes, and specifically nixie tube clocks, in the homes of all sorts of dudes and ladies. Nixie tube watches, though? Can't say I've ever seen one on a wrist IRL, and even online I've only seen one or two, most OOAKs or limited editions, like the Firebird.

So what Nyx proposes to do with their IN16 Nixie Watch is all the more impressive, both for the craft involved in turning the tubes into a wrist-sized wearable, and for Nyx's ability to source enough genuine IN16 Nixie tubes, only 10,000 of which are still left floating 'round the world, to make a full run of the watches for Kickstarter campaign backers. ... Though I guess whether or not they come through on that second bit remains to be seen; this is a crowdfunding project, after all.

The Nyx IN16 Watch merges old tech with new to create a timepiece that aims to be as functional as it is beautiful. It contains a gyro sensor that activates to display the time when you raise your wrist, and then allows the tubes to turn off to save power when your arm hangs. The watch also has a manual display activation button. Nyx has also removed the Nixie tubes' current limiting resistor, so the watch can detect whether or not the tubes are lit up, and lower the voltage transiently. This allows for instantaneous high voltage generation, luminous state tracking, and the timing function.

The Nyx IN16 Watch is a relatively compact 48 x 39 x 16mm in size. It does require charging, but is Qi-compatible, and a wireless charger is included with purchases. If you want to line your lower arm with Nixie tubes, pledge for your Nyx IN16 through June 10, 2022.

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