Nixon Dork Too Smart Ass Watch

Posted: February 28, 2019
Nixon Dork Too Watch
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Combine a Nixon sense of humor with a 1980s answering machine face with the smart ass who leaves fart sounds after the beep, and there you have the sure-to-be-classic Nixon Dork Too, a Smart Ass Watch. Press its center button to check your messages, in this (molded stainless steel) case a digital voice shouting out the time. Or that it's Monday. Or that it needs more juice to continue projecting its Dorkiness.

The Nixon Dork Too watch is USB-rechargeable, though probably not via half a lemon as shown in the photos. Its case measures 34mm, with a perforated stainless steel speaker cover and pushers that provide an instant flashback to the days of sweaty high school hands pushing play on the answering machine, praying Tina Jensen's dad gave her the message and she called you back.

The Smart Ass Watch comes in 4 different colors, all with matching linked metal bands.

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