Nixie Tube Watch

Posted: October 03, 2016
Nixie Tube Watch
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Nixie analog watch faces and Nixie boring, flat digital displays. Readouts from cold cathode neon gas indicators are how I want to wear my time now. I've seen Nixie tubes turned into desktop clocks before (here, for example) but this is the first I've seen some clever timelord turn them into a wristwatch. Nixie Horizonte is a shop based in Italy, and its owner, Igor Gudiy, hand makes each of these spectacles of a forgotten era from milled pieces of 7075 aluminum and brass, and a pair of real IN-16 Nixie tubes.

Gudiy's Nixie Tube Watch has an atmega8a controlling the tubes' readout. They flash the hour and then, 3 seconds later, the minutes when you press the righthand button of the watch. The button also controls display of the seconds and the percentage of battery charge. The watch's battery is a USB-rechargeable lithium-polymer. Battery life varies according to the mode you choose for operating the watch: accelerometer mode holds the charge for 2 to 3 weeks; manual mode will get you through a month plus.

Nixie Tube Watch measurements are 53mm x 49mm x 18mm, and the assembly weighs about 2.2 ounces. Gudiy will make yours with a choice of stainless steel or calfskin band, and includes a wood USB charging dock with the purchase.

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