NanoBlockTime Traveler Watch

Posted: August 19, 2020
NanoBlockTime Traveler Watch
$89 - $105
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Don't be a blockhead who's always late. Be a blockwrist whose NanoBlockTime Traveler Watch keeps you punctual across two time zones, plus makes up for its temporal leash with LEGO-style building NanoBlocks you have limitless creative freedom to assemble however you like.

The NanoBlockTime Traveler Watch series builds on a pair of watch dial blocks, available in 6 different color combinations. Each comes with a set of 50 NanoBlocks you can assemble however you like, and rearrange whenever you have...wait for it...a block of free time to fill. The watches also include a pair of straps, one NanoBlock-themed and the other simple nylon.

While NanoBlocks are not LEGO bricks, I bet they'd still hurt like a plastic mother if you stepped on one, so be sure to keep them stored safely off the floor in a watch box, or maybe this wooden pirate treasure chest.

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