Kisai Upload Watch

Posted: August 18, 2012
Kisai Upload Watch
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One thing I'll say for Tokyo Flash is their line of hi-tech, space-agey watches never runs the risk of going stale. New releases debut regularly, and always with a notable twist or tweak to existing flavors of timetelling wonderment. The Kisai Upload LED Watch packs the same funky digital output and neon LCD displays we've come to identify with Tokyo Flash, and adds a hidden 2 GB MicroSD card to the package. Transferring data to and from your wrist has never been easier! Or possibly done before with any regularity at all! The watch includes a USB cable that allows for the smooth flow of information from well-accessorized human to machine, and, more importantly, the watch's storage capabilities allow wearers to keep extra-close tabs on sensitive personal schtuff. Like passwords and financial statements and the embarrassing photos of you vacuuming naked you regrettably agreed to take when your girlfriend begged you to replicate some of the shots from Porn for Women.

Slightly less tricky to interpret than many Tokyo Flash watch designs (read: no math involved), the Kisai Upload needs only a slight tilt of the wrist, angling the watch away from the body, to make the time display readable. The concept was taken from the stretched text often used in road markings, wherein words can be read only from a low angle. In addition to hour-minute-second-hundredth-of-second outputs, the watch can also flash the date, programmable in 3 different formats, and function as an alarm. Its LCD display--available in Blue, Gold, Green, and Natural--is always on, and an LED backlight is installed for nighttime use.

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