GrillTimer BBQ Timing Watch

Posted: May 14, 2015
GrillTimer BBQ Timing Watch
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Do you dive...your hands into rubs, sauces, slabs of ribs, sides of beef, and the hot coals of the BBQ you're going to use to cook them? Then the GrillWatch could be the perfect timer for just your type of diving. Based on the same concept SCUBA diving watches use to track underwater time, Little Griddle's GrillTimer is a three-handed wristwatch whose outer Grill Bezel rotates to track the cooking of popular BBQ eats.

To use the GrillTimer, turn the Grill Bezel to the left, aligning the start of your recipe with the watch's minute hand. As the minute hand moves, the bezel will indicate when the food should be flipped, and then when it should be removed from the heat. Recipes, including burgers, NY strips, chicken breasts, salmon, and shrimp, each have a silver-to-red gradient printed next to them to signify their level of doneness. While Little Griddle acknowledges that grills and foods obviously vary in heat output and thickness, they maintain that the GrillTimer will still give grill masters a "very good" indication of their food's progress.

GrillTimer instructions will include a cross-compatibility chart showing other items that can be timed using Grill Bezel recipes. For example, the NY Strip section also applies to pork chops, flat iron steaks, and beef filets. Shrimp's cook time is suitable for scallops, lobster, and other shellfish as well.

The watch itself is made of a 40mm stainless steel case fitted with a Seiko quartz movement. It is water resistant to about 33' and sauce-resistant to about 3 tablespoons.

The GrillTimer's Kickstarter campaign ticks along through June 10, 2015. Little Griddle anticipates a quick watch turnaround time, with estimated watch shipments to backers heading out that same month.

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