Posted: September 08, 2015

DRIVE is a watch for a MAN. In fact, I'm not sure timepieces get more MAN than Gus Petrikas' design concept. I could see this watch at home on the wrist of anyone from James Bond to LeBron James, Hugh Jackman to Captain Kirk. But where I could especially see it carving out a nice permanent residence is on my own arm. Here's hoping Gus Petrikas DRIVEs his Blender 3D project from gearhead fantasy to gearhead reality. In a fine leather box with velveteen lining. And preferably for under $200.

In addition to looking both classic and modern, and generally being awesome, the idea behind the DRIVE watch was to give car enthusiasts a means of checking the time without taking a hand off the wheel or taking more than a glance down. It features a precision-machined aluminum uniboday, thick leather straps, and a brilliant vintage speedometer face. Parallel arcs hold a red hour and black minute hand.

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