Coca-Cola x Casio G-SHOCK Limited Edition Watches

Posted: August 15, 2023
Coca-Cola x Casio G-SHOCK Limited Edition Watches
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What time is it? My Casio G-SHOCK says it's time for a Coca-Cola...collaboration. Quench your thirst for a new watch with a limited edition Coca-Cola x Casio G-SHOCK digital timepiece.

Casio embellishes two of their G-SHOCK classic silhouettes with some Coca-Cola Classic classics. The straightforward DW5600CC23-4 incorporates Coke's vibrant red branding and looping cursive logo, while the DW6900CC23-3 takes a more interesting approach, modeling itself after the nostalgic green glass Coca-Cola bottle. It too is stamped with the Coca-Cola logo of approval, and when you activate the backlight, a red version of the sodie bottle appears behind the time.

Both Coca-Cola x Casio G-SHOCK Watches have Coca-Cola bottle cap engravings on their case backs, and come in special packaging to celebrate the collab.

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