Classic Arcade Wristwatch

Posted: February 28, 2014
Classic Arcade Wristwatch
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Did you ever know a kid growing up who had, like, full-size Pac-Man and Mortal Kombat arcade games in his basement? You know, the "rich kid"? Boys would go over en masse for tournaments after school and his mom would bring down bowls of Cheetos and Skittles and Totino's Pizza Rolls hot and crisp from the oven. And every once in a while his hot older sister Tammy would flounce downstairs and make fun of you, which hurt, but then she'd bend over to grab a handful of Skittles because no one can resist tasting the rainbow and you'd catch a glimpse of her lacy pink bra and it would make getting called a turd squirt totally worth it.

It never happened to me, I spent every after-school day of my youth watching TMNT and Duck Tales on a black-and-white TV at my grandma's house, but I'd always see those sorts of things in the movies and resent my life for not mirroring them.

And now thanks to ThinkGeek, I can relive my years of pubescent angst every time I check the time. Their latest wristwatch spotlights the aesthetics and sound effects of a classic arcade game, from the tiny Galactic Defense cabinet housing to a face of LED stellar masses encircling Planet Earth. Hour and minute hands have been replaced by lumbering space rocks, while a miniature ship traverses the path from 12 to 12 as the seconds hand. Pressing the arcade's "Fire" button illuminates hour indicators, plus activates the iconic Pew! sound so the wearer knows he has successfully just killed some time.

The arcade watch has a stainless steel case and black leather band. Its somewhat hulking measurements are 1-1/2" wide x 2-1/4" tall x 1" deep.

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