Casio Calculator Watch

Posted: September 26, 2012
Casio Calculator Watch
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Who remembers the CASIOTRON? Casio's 1974 release of the world's first digital watch* with an automatic calendar. Well, also looking svelte and cutting-edge in that chunky, throwback sort of way is the timepiece magnate's Databank Calculator Watch. Time, date, 1/100 second stopwatch, and basic mathematical functions--what more does one need to wade through the murky waters of life? Also, it looks like it came straight to 2012 from an Anthony Michael Hall movie, so bonus points awarded there.

Calculator Watches have resin cases and bands, and measure 33mm in diameter. They are also fit with an illuminating backlight, and are waterproof up to 165 feet for times when it is necessary to do long division along the ocean floor.

*I found out a couple weeks ago that children are no longer taught to read analog clock faces in school because they all have cell phones and devices with digital readouts now. Can you believe that? I also heard they don't learn how to tie their shoelaces due to the prevalence of Velcro, and are encouraged to pick their noses thanks to the advent of Purel.

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