Bulova Computron D-Cave Watch

Posted: March 14, 2022
Bulova Computron D-Cave Watch
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What NFTime is it? It's Bulova Computron D-Cave Watch time. Physical meets Metaverse in watchmaker Bulova's retro-futuristic collaboration with digital cultural space D-Cave, resulting in a timepiece that pays tribute to its 1970s predecessor, while upping the style and tech ante for watch enthusiasts and gamers today.

Bulova's reinterpretation of the Computron for D-Cave adds visual elements inspired by the gaming world, including a matte black IP stainless steel case, luminous green accents, a green LED time display, and a black silicone strap.

The new Computron D-Cave also adds virtual elements to the watch's ownership, with an NFT Special Edition model that will give D-Cave users access to the watch in Decentraland, as a wearable version for their avatars. Computron D-Cave NFT owners will also qualify for one of 1,000 physical Special Edition Bulova Computron D-Cave Watches, featuring the exposed circuit board case you see next to the standard Computron D-Cave in the image above.

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