The Daddle Dad Saddle

Posted: February 03, 2015
The Daddle Dad Saddle

Pardon my language, but you have got to be Fraggle Rockin' me. A Daddle? Have we really entered an age in which grown ass men are relegated to their hands and knees, serving as equestrian play toys for their entitled children ("Only 'til we can afford a real pony, Sugar Britches!")? What happened to Man of the House? What happened to respect? More importantly, who named this the Daddle? I mean, yeah, it's a dad saddle, but it's also pretty darn close to another word. Swap that "a" for an "i" and you've got something I think most parents would rather not associate with the father-child relationship.

Still want a Daddle? OK, here's the rundown. It's a soft, stuffed saddle that straps to your back. It has adjustable stirrups and a horn on top for stability when Daddy's in a bucking mood. The Daddle is recommended for use by children ages 2 to 6, but I bet naughty mommies could take a ride on it too.

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