Skoda Man-Pram

Posted: July 28, 2013
Skoda Man-Pram

At the end of the day, you'll still be a dude pushing around a baby...or a pomeranian...in a stroller, but at least with Skoda's Man-Pram you can mow the fuck over anyone who gives you shit about it.

The Czech car manufacturer unveiled its masculine-charged concept for buggy-pushing papas after results from a British study found that 33% of dads in England find pushing a conventional stroller embarrassing, and 25% refuse ever to do it at all, leaving pram mobilization efforts up to their wives or whatever woman happens to be closest to them on the street. Dude Suggestion: How about calling your strollers something slightly less sissy-sounding than "pram", British people, so the thought of the object won't stir up images of a dainty fairy with a stick up her ass? Kind of like how when American men wear purses they call them "shoulder bags".

The vRS Mega Man-Pram is a supersized concept buggy released in conjunction with Skoda's Octavia vRS car. If mass produced dads the world over will be able to elbow grease their babies around town in a stroller with 20" alloy wheels, wing mirrors, hydraulic suspension, oversized brake calipers, anti-stress grips, and a headlamp beam for nighttime walks. No word yet on whether or not the Man-Pram will have a built-in alternative to contorting your face and cooing high-pitched gibberish to the kid in a desperate effort to make it stop crying.

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