Mommy's Touch Shark's Tooth Silicone Chewelry

Posted: May 10, 2019
Mommy's Touch Shark's Tooth Silicone Chewelry
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Welp, Junior's teething gums and fidgety tendencies will be assuaged by some Shark's Tooth Silicone Chewelry, but I'm not sure how his neck and lungs are gonna feel after he strangles himself with the necklace's cord.

I joke, I joke. The Chewelry cords all have breakaway clasps, so if the gnawing turns to yanking or getting stucking, the necklace will come right off.

Mommy's Touch recommends their Chewelry for teething children, as well as toddlers, older children, or, yep, adults who need a chew necklace for oral fixation or fidgeting. Or because they bite other people or still suck their thumb. Ahem, to my friend Cornelius.

The shark's tooth design makes the underlying purpose of Chewelry much less conspicuous, and if I'm reading the details correctly, these silicone pieces are golden retriever-approved.

That is, they're for "aggressive chewers."

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