Microwaveable Heat Therapy Stuffed Animals

Posted: February 22, 2017
Microwaveable Heat Therapy Stuffed Animals
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Does Squirt need a warm 'n' cozy stuffed lamb to snuggle up with when he's sick, sad, scared, or revolting against bedtime? ... Do you? Intelex, makers of the microwaveable slippers, offers up kiddos pint- and gallon-sized alike the toasty comfort of a line of equally microwaveable stuffed animals. Lions and tigers and bears, oh...good night.

Cozy Plush therapy toys are filled with specially treated millet grains and dried lavender flower, chosen for their ability to retain and distribute both a heat and scent that soothes. All parts of the animals are microwave-safe for heating, and can also chill out in the freezer for use as a cold pack if your young'un has a fever or toothache.

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