Kaboost Portable Chair Booster

Posted: November 13, 2015
Kaboost Portable Chair Booster
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Kaboost puts the kiddos right at table height by jacking up a chair's legs rather than its seat. It snaps on to most 4-legged round or square chairs, where it stays put and improves chair stability even when Jr. gets rocky and flingy during one of his famous impressions of Animal from the Muppets. Little kids feel like big kids sitting at the table just like the rest of the family, and are much less likely to slide out or tip over than they would be wedged into a plastic booster seat.

Kaboosts weigh around 3-1/2 pounds, and fold for storage and portability when not in use. They also have 2 different height positions, and can hold up to 300 pounds, so if grandma shrunk or Cousin Jeffy never quite hit that growth spurt, Kaboost them on up to the grownups' table too.

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