Hushamok Okoa Baby Hammock

Posted: February 27, 2017
Hushamok Okoa Baby Hammock
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Rock-a-bye baby in the hammock / When momentum sets in the cradle will rock. / When the Okoa stand stills the baby will weep / And out will run Mama to Hushamok him back to sleep.

Hushamok pairs its rocking European beechwood Okoa Stand with an organic hammock fitted with matching organic sheets and mattress. Solid aluminum die castings hold the stand together and a Leafspring over the hammock controls its sway and bounce.

Hushamok says its hammock "induces sleep in babies and keeps them asleep longer," plus helps soothe infants who have colic and reflux. The modern, minimal Japanese design also won't bring a deluge of primary colors and cartoon animal faces to your living room as other rockers and bassinets might.

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