Hot Wheels Night Shifter Luggage

Posted: February 28, 2022
Hot Wheels Night Shifter Luggage

It's Hot Wheels for smooth travels with the kids. And not just because this Night Shifter luggage from MaxToy will help keep your wee one entertained as s/he drags it through the airport and plays with it at the gate for 4 hours as your flight repeatedly gets delayed. The Hot Wheels Night Shifter carry-on is also built with a 3-wheel roller bag system that makes it easy to tote along, even up stairs and across uneven floors.

And of course, when you lay the Night Shifter on its belly, its 4 functional Hot Wheels allow for some additional push-along, ride-on, and bumper car fun that definitely won't irritate other passengers experiencing the same flight delays.

In addition to trips to visit Grandma and Mickey Mouse, kiddos can use the Hot Wheels Night Shifter Luggage as a school bag. Its zipper closure system opens to reveal 2 interior mesh compartments that can hold books and lunches in addition to clothes, toys, and toiletries. A great gift for a kid.

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